Saturday, April 16, 2011

Simple Cheese Omelet

Good morning.  Today's breakfast of choice given that I am headed to Yuengling Brewery is a low carb favorite:  Cheese Omelet.  Now I figure like my burger choices, that if you gonna do it, do it.

So I start by melting a little butter in the pan as I beat 2 brown eggs with Tobasco and salt and pepper.  Once the butter solids brown a little, I slowly pour the egg mixture in the pan.

As I let it firm up a little, lifting the edges to allow the mixture to ooze around and under, I add shredded cheddar, that's right 2 or 3 days of cholesterol all it once.

Slice a tomato for color, and find a favorite blog to catch up on (today was the Florida Beer Guild site) and breakfast was served.  You could see the browned bits slightly, adding color to the lightly browned outside.  Also influencing the taste, the melted cheese that stretches from the plate as I lift my fork to my mouth.  Nothing to fancy but definitely tasty!


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