Thursday, April 14, 2011

Got a little Tampa in me, well maybe that was Cuban

I had the best $3 Cuban I have ever had today.

Went with a buddy of mine in search of locally roasted coffee (future blog post coming) and on the way back he asked a silly question, "was I hungry?"  To which I replied, "I could eat."

So as we are driving down 50th street in Tampa headed towards the ports, he swings it into this blue low-frills 1950 looking general store. And then proceeds to take me in the back door, with blue-collar guys hanging around chewing the fat.

Turned out to be this Cuban family run place with all the standards listed on the placard.  The guy behind the counter recognized my buddy, and says whadaya having today Jim, and he spouted off his regular custom order. Turns to me and asks me for mine and I said all-the-way hot.  Next thing I know we were being handed bags and we were out the door.

The whole experience just made you feel the nostalgia that is old Tampa...a hole-in-the-wall place that only your buddy could take you to, to know about.

Took it home and man was that good!  It pays to know people who knows people...

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