Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Off the Beaten Path...

Found this tasty place in Key Largo yesterday much by accident.  Calypso Seafood Grill is good food tucked away in an unlikely place.

My daughter, Hannah and I, went driving around Key Largo to check things out, and found ourselves around a small commercial fishing district.  We had been driving around for a little over an hour, at the lunch time hour, and were in need of when we drove past this converted house with an 'Open' sign next to the marina; we decided to pop in.

We chose to sit out side on the back porch that backs up to the docks.  Local patrons boat up to the docks and come for lunch.  We saw a couple of groups in the course of our meal leave by boat.

Now the service was just OK.  Kinda seemed like it was a second priority for the lady, but I wouldn't say she was rude or forgot about us.  She just gave the appearance that she was still trying to get her side work finished...And oh yeah she could have mentioned before we ordered that there is no credit cards.  There are a few small signs posted about, but if you come in and keep your eyes facing the boats, you won't see 'em.  There is an ATM inside, but yesterday it chose not to work.  Thankfully my daughter had cash on her...

Any way the food...Food was definitely above average.  Not what I was expecting in this little hole in the wall.  1st off the menu's came in this blue leather bound book that you would expect in a high end place, and had a pretty decent selection.

Hannah had the Buffalo Shrimp, because the menu used the phrase:  Buffalo my Butt! I had the yellow fin tuna crusted in horseradish with a homemade horseradish sauce sandwich.

Hannah doesn't normally eat spicy.  But the sauce must of had Habenero based hot sauce in it, cause it did linger for a while. And even though it was spicy still had a unique flavor to it, more than just your normal buffalo drenching. The pinks were good size, fresh and butterflied, and then battered.  She made it a personal goal to eat all of 'em.  It took a good bit of the blue cheese and celery to cut the heat, but she tasted victory in the end.

Now my sandwich which came with fries, was tasty and I must confess a little runny and messy (just the way I like it).  The tuna was cooked medium rare, leaving the meat a with a good amount of the pink left, but not chewy and just enough time on the grill to leave the horseradish golden, not charred and bitter.  And the fries were homemade, just the way my grandmother used to make 'em.

It is definitely a place geared to the locals.  Wide selection of good food, and atmosphere that says come sit for a while.  If we make it back down to Key Largo again, I probably will.


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