Saturday, March 26, 2011

Starter Post from a Foodie

This Blog is a new journey for me...I have always liked food.  From a young age I remember enjoying food.  Not in the way normal kids eat their bolognie and cheese sandwich, no I had to add Doritos to give it a 'nachoee' flavored crunch to 'kick-it up a notch'.  I just think about food differently than a lot of other folks so I have learned.  I was fortunate that my step-mom knew her way around the kitchen, which she learned from her mom, both who took time to let me help.  My grandmother on my Dad's side could cook too, but her kitchen was HER kitchen, and men were supposed to sit out on the porch and drink.  It's possible my grandfather established this early in their marriage...  

I'm sure someone out there will comment that I can't be a foodie, because I will eat cold pizza after it has been sitting in a box for a while or because yes, Bud Light is good enough when its hot outside.  But as I am eating that slice of Pepperoni Pizza, I am thinking:  you know their cold pizza isn't nearly as good as that other place we had the other day.  So maybe my discerning style although different, may still qualify.  Also, this might be a good time to tell you I don't come from New York or California.  I am from the South.  Not the Nouveau South either, but break out the pork fat, sweet tea, and grits, SOUTH.  I know, another strike i guess, but son I tell ya, we know about eating!

Actually someone else included me in the ranks of foodie before I was even aware that there was such a thing.  Mostly because I like to cook, drink wines that aren't on the bottom shelf, and know the differnce between a single-malt scotch and Jameson.  Where I don't consider myself a food snob, I do know that I ain't paying $14.99 for Tilapia at a restaurant when the local grocer has it for 6.99 a pound, and all they have done to it, is salt, pepper, paprika, and butter.  I mean really?!

So anyway, future posts that I am thinking about will cover breweries from around the state (I live in the sunshine state) and delving into restaurants that utilize grown local produce and meats.  Lot more foods than oranges are grown in Florida, and I am curious how they are being prepared.  I will also, have a spot for the things that I cook from time-to-time.  I promise to keep the simple or mundane to a minimum, but if there is an educational moment for me, then I will likely share.  

If you have made it this far, not sure I should thank you or recommend a psych eval, but none-the-less come back, I promise the topics to be more interesting and the site to get a little more sophisticated.


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